Orange Pineapple Freez - Ripe Vapes - 60mL

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Orange Pineapple by Ripe Vapes, has you covered with Orange Pineapple Freez By Ripe Vapes 60ml. This destination is already booked for you in order to keep your taste buds feeling blissed out all day long.

At first, those citrusy naval oranges in all their zestiness instantly get the mouth watering. You then begin feeling rejuvenated and excited for what will be coming next. That, of course, is the juicy pineapples, adding the right amount of island-like nectar, thanks to their natural sweetness. With both notes intensifying with each passing second, a nice breeze of chilly menthol rounds this flavor profile out to a tee.

Ripe Vapes - Orange Pineapple Freez Features:

  • 60ml vape juice by Ripe Vapes
  • 25PG / 75VG 
  • Available in a  3mg, 6mg, 12mg 
  • Compatible with sub-ohm devices

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